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CANBUS4LINUX is a modular canbus driver for linux. The current driver package supports a CAN dongle from ELEKTOR magazine June/2000 and a CAN dongle from CAN200 project. Both are connected to bidirectional parallelports (bidirectional, epp or ecp).
The driver is splitted into at least 2 parts: canbuscore and a hardwaredriver - or in 3 parts (as currently implemented): canbuscore, chipset driver (sja1000) and a hardwaredriver. If a new hardware with sja1000 or 82c200 is added, only the hardware specific driver = register access must be written. For other chipsets the next layer must be rewritten too.


For test purposes there are several programms included in the driver package. In subdirectory console there are some small programms for read and write data on CAN bus. In subdirectory gtk is a small GTK programm.
With GCAN you get my favourite test tool. To use GCAN, you need glade, libglade and gtk 1.2. Below is a screendump of GCAN, click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.


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